Amazing Grace Tall Ship

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Amazing Grace Tall Ship is honored to offer a personalized “Burial at Sea” to honor your loved one in the time following their passing.

Harbor Cruises

Harbor Cruises

Climb aboard Amazing Grace and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Bay.

Ocean Adventures

Ocean Adventures

Set sail and experience the beauty and wildlife of the Pacific Ocean. You may even catch the sunset.

Special Events

Book your next event on Amazing Grace. From weddings to team building, we've got you covered.

What They're Saying

People are blown away when they sail with us (well, not literally). Take a look at what they have to say.

“It was an amazing day—one of the best of my life so far.”
-Kelly Gempler, Passenger

“Seems you manage to find the wind ,even when the others struggle!”
-Darrall, BayShots Photographer

“We got em!” [After making the 'mean pirates’ walk the plank]
-Wade, Make-A-Wish Recipient

“One of the most beautiful ships I have ever seen! And FAST too!”
-David, Battle Sail Passenger

“We had an amazing, once in a lifetime sail. Tall ships, cannons and great people!”
Ray, Captain – Schooner America

“Thank you so incredibly much for hosting his wish! It was remarkable!”
Julianna, Make-A-Wish Foundation

“What a beautiful service. I had a really special time connecting with my family.”
-Lucas, Memorial Passenger

“One of THE BEST experiences of my life­: learning to sail on Amazing Grace.”
Suzie, Passenger & Volunteer

  • Kelly Gempler
  • Darrall Slater
  • Wade
  • David McCanne
  • Ray Morton
  • Julianna Evans
  • Lucas Hurlbut
  • Suzie Christensen